Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Too Distracted to Get Any Work Done

I got the Swagman bike racks yesterday and installed them on the ol' Subaru. I'm blowing out of here early today to try a new bike path. What the hell - I have to be in early tomorrow anyway, and it is looking like rain for the weekend.

My first feelings about the Swagman racks are mixed. They are the "clamp" type of bike holders that do not require removing the front wheels of the bike. They are fairly well put together, but the bike is able to wobble around a bit in the rack. It's not like it is going to fall off the car or anything, but I wonder if I should have just gone with the cheaper fork type mounts. The Fuji is on the roof right now, and so far I have only driven to work with it. More later.

1 comment:

Paul said...

They both work just fine. Wheels off - look like a bike racer. Wheels on - look like a family guy. :)

Depending on how it clamps, it can scratch paint. Not a big deal.

Ok... just went and looked up the company (not familiar to me) and the rack looks secure and will scratch paint. LOL The site sucks, though.