Saturday, September 13, 2008

The 40 Year Old Arc Virgin!

Oh my gosh, I have never seen so much rain...
I knew it was going to be rainy, but I also knew it was going to be warm.  I thought I might take the Schwinn out for a spin today, even if I did get rained on a little bit.  But WOW!  It started raining yesterday afternoon and for the most part it has not stopped yet.  No storms.  No wind.  No thunder and lightning.  Just to most persistent, steady downpour of rain I have seen in  recent memory.  Instead of biking in the rain, I have spent the entire day finding every tiny drip of water in my basement, because they have all become steady streams.  Nothing too terribly bad, thankfully, but also nothing I can fix right away either.  Looks like we're goint to need some chimney work at a minimum.

Needless to say, the bikes are idle.  This stinks.

Could be worse.  We could be in Texas.  We're sending good thoughts their way today.

By "we're" I mean, me and my family.  Not me and the bikes, BTW.


Paul said...

Do these leaks effect the finish work you did down there a few years ago?

-T. said...

No. Fortunately, the little weepage is in back, by the furnace, hot water heater, etc. In the "junk room"

Just meant that I had to move all of the junk out into the finshed area today to track down the leaks.

Still raining, BTW. It looks like I have the biggest leak fixed though.

Paul said...

Well that's good, then.

When I was a teen I had a basement bedroom. Never really finished it off, but it did have all my stuff in it.... We lived at the end of a block where the storm drain line for the street met the bigger line of the main street. It easily overloaded.

One night around 3am I woke to the sound of a waterfall in my room. Water was coming up through the floor with such force that it lifted the 2' sqare, 6" thick concrete. And when I stood on it? It lifted me too. My room (and the rest of the basement) filled with 5 feet of water that summer. Twice - it did it again two weeks later.

Come to think of it, maybe that's why I freaked out so much when rebuilding my bathroom and a storm found it's way through the new skylight...