Monday, August 18, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Well, after the big (for me) 20 mile ride on Saturday morning, I took Sunday off. Actually, we just weren't around the house much, so I didn't have much time to ride. So I got back out there today after work. Rather than risk being killed by 5:00pm traffic, I opted to toss the bike into the back of the Subaru and just drove to the bike path I rode to on Saturday.

Today I only did 10 miles, but I tried to ride harder. It was hotter today and there was a fairly good breeze, so I am more tired today than I was on Saturday, even though my average speed was not much better. I think it was 13.7 mph. I say I think because I dropped my nifty little bike computer as I was coming into the house, causing its battery cover and the battery to go sailing across the driveway. This caused all the data in the little computer to also go sailing off into the ether. Pisses me off, because it means the odometer will forever be 35 miles off. That's just one of those things that will really make me nuts. I also tried to go really hard down a hill today, just to see how fast I could get this bike to go, but now I have no idea how fast I went. I'm sure it was like 200 mph or so... :)

On an editorial note, I sure wish NBC would show more of the biking stuff at the Olympics. I saw a headline on their site today saying that Sarah Hammer was involved in a crash and possibly hurt. Hope she's OK. At least I can see some BMX this week.

9.95 miles
13.7 mph avg.
200 mph max.


Paul said...

Some computers allow you to enter the total miles (ODO) after a battery change. For those who are worried about it. ;) has all the video you can handle. Check out the last 20 minutes of the men's TT.

Anonymous said...

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