Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2nd Shift

Covering some evening shifts at the hell hole this week, so that will at least give the chance for some early rides. Just got back from one in fact. 21.10 miles. Pretty nice ride that went easier than that 10 miler I did earlier this week. Maybe because I'm riding in the morning, instead of after work. Maybe because I checked the tire pressures this morning, and the front was a little low. Maybe because I set out this morning to just ride. I decided I wasn't going to think about speed today. I was just going to ride. I didn't load the bike into the car this time. I found a route that will get me nearly to the bike path on side streets rather than riding on a 4 lane. With a little more poking around I'm sure I can do even better. I'll need to jump onto Nagle to get over the expressway, but aside from that I should be able to run side streets.

At about 10 miles today, my thumbs were bothering me again, so I just took off the gloves. This was better for my thumbs, but the rest of my hand got a bit sore. So, maybe just different gloves, or I'll cut a little room into the thumbs of these gloves. I guess I have fat thumbs...

At 20 miles, my feet were cramping pretty badly, and my bootie was getting pretty sore. How in the hell will I ever do 100? I hope this is just a matter of seat time. I don't think it will be too difficult to get my legs up to the task. To this point they have felt pretty good at the end of a ride.

I also made an effort to stay down in the drops of the bars more today. The less drag I create, the further I'll go someday, right?

Oh. I picked up a little work stand for the bike on Ebay. Nice to be able work on it without it wanting to fall over, and it actually gives me a pretty stable place to store the bike when it is in the garage. I'll try to get some pictures of everything today.

Oh again. Once I got the bike on the work stand, I took the opportunity to remove the aerobars. I'm not going to use those things.

21.10 miles
12.9 mph avg.
26.8 mph max.


Paul said...

I think it's likely your body is going to have to get used to the new position, exercise and shoes/gloves. But it also sounds like your position on the bike could be improved.

If you're hands are getting sore because of the weight they have to hold up ... then you're putting too much weight on your bars. Easiest thing to try is to raise the handlebars a little (not above max line). A shorter stem might help too. Basically, you want to put the bars in a position that you can comfortably reach and still support your weight with your lower back/legs. Eventually, as your back/glutes strengthen you can move the bars out/down.

The shoes may just fit funny. :) As your feet fatigue, try loosening them a little.

You wearing riding shorts......?

-T. said...

I don't know that I can adjust the bars up and down. Not unless I pick up an adjustable stem. Oh! I could flip it over. That would give it a little bit of rise, rather than a little decline. Maybe I'll give that a try. I defintely don't have as much weight on my hands as I do on my MTB, but I guess I could stand to get a little better balanced.

No bike shorts yet. I did pick up some briefs that have that little bit of extra pad in the crotch. They basically look like bike shorts, but are thinner. Then I just wear my regular old cargo shorts over them.

Paul said...

Get some shorts. You'll love them. Srsly.

I had an idea: can you get C to take a picture of you in your riding postion (or as close as possible)? Feet at 3 and 9 o'clock. Send it my way.....