Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

The weather has finally decided to play nice in Chicago.  So, I found myself with a little time today, so I jumped on the Fuji and headed out.  I knocked out 20 miles and it felt pretty good.  Did try to push or anything.  Just a nice ride.  A little bit of back pain, a little bit of neck pain, but no big deal.  The bike path looked pretty good and there were plenty of folks out taking advantage of the break in the weather.  The weather is supposed to finally hold out for a couple of days, so I'm hoping to ride pretty frequently.  Tomorrow, I may get the Moab down and go see how the trail along the DesPlaines river faired over the winter.  Stay tuned.  I stopped at a park bench just before I left the bike path and moved the seat back just a touch more.  We'll see if that helps this new back stiffness I am feeling since changing the handle bar stem.

Oh, and I had to stop once because when I clicked down from that large front chain ring to the small one, the Fuji tossed its chain.  Got it all jammed up between the chain ring and frame.  That took a couple of minutes to resolve and basically sucked.  Note to self - take a  look at the front derailure and remember to lube the chain before the next ride.  I keep forgetting to and it is getting a bit noisy.

Time for a shower.

20.07 miles
1h 29m
13.6 mph avg
24.7 mph max

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Paul said...

Shifting: soft pedal while changing gears. And if the chain is high on the freewheel (close to the wheel) there's a better chance it will jam (or as we called it on a MTB - chainsuck). If you soft pedal and feel it fall off you can often reverse it. Or unjam it by pedaling backward.